Paw paws


The paw paw was once one of America's most popular fruits, and a day out hunting was complete in Autumn unless your pockets bulged with paw paws. It is known by many names, including the Michigan banana, the prairie banana, and the Indiana banana.

While it grows best right here in the beautiful Great Lakes region, as a member of the Tropical Custard Apple Family (Annonaceae) the paw paw's closest relatives grow in the tropical jungles of Southern Mexico and Central America.

It has the creamy texture of a banana, the shape and appearance of a mango, and it grows right here in the US.


Looking to purchase paw paws?


Here at Nash Nurseries, all paw paws are grown from our very own mature orchard. We carry all Neal Peterson varities as well as other select cultivars that we enjoy here at Nash Nurseries. Below there is a download link for our current paw paw availability.

Click here to download our current pawpaw availability!

If you would like to place an order for shipment* or to be picked up, please send a completed ordering form (found on our products page) to with all revelant information.

*Please note, we are currently not shipping paw paws as they are pushing new growth. We will begin shipping them again towards the end of July, depending on Mother Nature. However, paw paws can be picked up from our nursery during any of our regular retail hours.